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Privileged API Keys Only

Special permission is required to access this service. Please contact or your API key provider to request access to this data.

Developers: News Feed Webhooks

When creating news feeds, developers can register webhooks to receive POST requests for event notifications in place of the typical e-mail or device push notification.

  1. Supported Roles
  2. Available Services
    1. All News Feed Webhooks
    2. Individual News Feed Webhook
    3. Requests To Webhooks
  3. Developers: News Feed Webhooks Description
  4. Expansions

Supported Roles

Role Reads Writes Notes
IDX Yes Yes
Public Yes No
VOW Yes Yes
Portal Yes Yes
Private Yes Yes

More information about roles may be found here.


Available Services

All News Feed Webhooks

/<API Version>/developers/newsfeeds/webhooks

HTTP Method Description Conditional Notes
GET Retrieves all webhooks registered for the active API key. No
POST Creates a new webhook for the active API key. No
PUT Returns HTTP 405 (Method Not Allowed) No Not implemented
DELETE Returns HTTP 405 (Method Not Allowed) No Not implemented

GET Request



GET Response

    "D": {
        "Success": true,
        "Results": [
                "Id": "20180417093347849253000007",
                "ResourceUri": "/v1/developers/webhooks/20180417093347849253000007",
                "Uri": "",
                "Active": true,
                "ModificationTimestamp": "2018-04-17T14:33:47Z"

POST Request

Request body:

    "D": {
      "Uri": "",
      "Active": true

POST Response

The standard success/fail response is returned.


Individual News Feed Webhook

/<API Version>/developers/newsfeeds/webhooks/<Webhook.Id>

HTTP Method Description Conditional Notes
GET Returns a single webhook record. No
POST Returns HTTP 405 (Method Not Allowed) No Not implemented
PUT Updates a webhook record. No
DELETE Deletes a webhook. No

GET Request



GET Response

See the GET request section for for the webhooks service.

PUT Request

Request body:

    "D": {
        "Active": false

PUT Response

The standard success/fail response is returned.


DELETE Request



DELETE Response

The standard success/fail response is returned.


Requests to Webhooks

Below is an example of the JSON payload that will be POSTed to to the Uri specified in your webhook. There is a 1 second connection timeout and a 5 second connection timeout. If this time limit is exceeded, or the response to this post is anything but a status code in the 200-299 range, the request will be retried.

    "Listing": {
        "Id": "20100000000000000000000000"
    "Subscriber": {
        "Id": "20140815000000000001000000",
        "Type": "Member",
        "OwnerId": "20140815000000000001000000"

    "NewsFeed": {
        "Id": "20180411141756698053000006"
        "Event": "New",
        "EventTimestamp": "2018-04-18T11:12:56Z",
        "Type": "SavedSearch",
        "Subscription": {
          "Id": "20180113050000000001000000"
Attribute Description
Listing.Id The listing the news feed event is for.
Subscriber.Id The ID of the subscriber account for the news feed.
Subscriber.Type The type of subscriber. If Contact, the Subscriber.Id will reference a contact record. Otherwise, Subscriber.Id will reference an account.
Subscriber.OwnerId If Subscriber.Type is Contact, this will be the Account.Id for the user that owns the contact record.
NewsFeed.Id The news feed the event is for.
NewsFeed.Event The type of event.
NewsFeed.EventTimestamp The timestamp the event occurred.
NewsFeed.Type The type of news feed, such as SavedSearch.
Newsfeed.Subscription.Id The Id of the resource the news feed is subscribed to, such as the SavedSearch.Id.

Developers: News Feed Webhooks Description

Attribute Data Type Writeable Required Description
Id Integer No No The unique id for the webhook.
ResourceUri Character No No The URI to the individual webhook record.
Uri Character Yes Yes The URI listing notifications will be POSTed to. This must be unique per developer.
Active Boolean Yes No (Default: false). If true, listings can be posted to this webhook.
ModificationTimestamp Timestamp No No The time the webhook was last updated.