Listings: Photo Uploads

This service allows the client upload a photo for a listing. Unlike the Listings: Photos resource, which requires a json payload for uploading a photo, this service supports a form based post body. Paired with the Tickets resource for listings or incomplete listings, this service provides a simple interface to submit forms directly to the API from a web browser.
  1. Supported Roles
  2. Available Services
    1. Photo Uploads
  3. Response Description
  4. Expansions
  5. API Explorer

Supported Roles

Role Reads Writes Notes
Public No No
Portal No No
Private No Yes
More information about roles may be found here.

Available Services

Photo Uploads

URI: Supplied by the Uri attribute in the Listing: Tickets response.

HTTP Method Description Notes
POST Uploads a new photo Requires HTTP form based post submissions instead of the standard API JSON body.
GET,PUT,DELETE Returns HTTP 405 (Method Not Allowed) Not implemented

POST Request

Form Parameter Required Description
Token Yes The upload token granted from the Listing: Tickets service.
Name Yes
File Yes Photo file to upload
Primary No Boolean indicating whether the current photo should be set as primary. Optional, false by default unless this is the first listing photo.
Caption No A caption for the photo, up to 1000 characters. Optional; if omitted, will be blank.
RedirectTo No URL to send the user back to on successful upload. Optional, JSON response with success message and Id will display by default (See below).

POST Response (Sample)

On success, when RedirectTo is present, the response redirects the user to the URI, otherwise the response contains the Id of the new photo.
    "D": {
        "Success": true,
        "Results": [
                "Id": "20120117194139638109000000"

Response Description

Attribute Description Returned for Which User Type(s) Returned for Which API Key Role(s)
Id ID of the uploaded photo. All Private



API Explorer

The API Explorer does not currently support this service.