Roles govern the operations that can be performed on the API and what data is returned. There are two basic roles that may be assigned to an API key: public and IDX. API keys with an IDX role will operate under a portal role when a consumer logs in via OAuth.

  1. IDX
  2. Public
  3. Portal and VOW Roles
  4. Private
  5. Privileged Resources


Primary end user: Anonymous consumers
OAuth authorization granted by: Agent, Broker, etc.

Geared primarily toward website development, this role provides tools for lead generation as well as a restricted view of listings as by MLS-specific IDX rules. The IDX role also allows sessions to be created under the VOW role to accommodate consumers who wish to interact with the agent, create carts, and so forth.


Primary end user: Known or limited audience, but anonymous end users.
OAuth authorization granted by: Agent, Broker, etc.

The Public role is geared towards displaying data to a known audience before they officially identify themselves (e.g. "log in") to the application. The most common use case is to populate the contents of an e-mail, such as when e-mailing a listing report to a consumer.

This is distinct from the IDX role in that a specific end user should be guided to an interface displaying data in a Public role, or data should be pushed to a known user or users. This is also distinct from the VOW role in that the user or users viewing data retrieved in a Public role would not have logged in and typically have a more limited view of data and little to no ability to modify data.

Importantly, the public role cannot be used for building web sites. For this use case, we will provide you with an IDX key.

Portal and VOW Roles

Primary end user: Consumers with a VOW account
OAuth authorization granted by: Consumer

VOW Data Attributes
Because there is so much overlap between the VOW and Portal roles, VOW attributes (such as VowEnabled in the contacts resource) also apply to the Portal role. In the rare event this is not the case, another attribute will exist clearly providing a distinct "portal" setting. Additionally, since the same consumer account is used for both VOW and Portal roles, these terms may be used interchangably in that context.

Created with an IDX key, this role is special in that it is session specific. These roles allows consumers to run searches shared with them by the agent, view their saved searches, and save listings to carts.

These roles require an OAuth 2 key.

While the primary end users are the same, the portal role differs from the VOW role in that portal roles are granted to applications that are part of the core flexmls ecosystem. VOW roles, on the other hand, are built by third party developers.


Primary end user: Agents, Brokers, etc.
OAuth authorization granted by: Agent, Broker, etc.

This role is intended for applications that allow agents to access and manage their own data.

Privileged Resources

Access to some resources, or performing select actions on some resources, require special privileges be granted to your key. Contact for more details about these services.