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System Info

Listing Display Rules

Each MLS defines rules each application must abide by when displaying listing reports or brief summary data (such as listing search results). Review the Compliance page for details.

The System Info API provides information relating to the configuration of the Spark® API, the current MLS, and the current user.

  1. Supported Roles
  2. Available Services
    1. System Information
  3. Response Description
  4. Expansions

Supported Roles

Role Reads Writes Notes
IDX Yes No
Public Yes No
VOW Yes No
Portal Yes No
Private Yes Yes

More information about roles may be found here.


Available Services

System Information

URI: /<API Version>/system

HTTP Method Description Notes
GET Returns system information
PUT Update supported configuration settings.
POST,DELETE Returns HTTP 405 (Method Not Allowed) Not implemented

GET Request



GET Response (Sample)

    "D": {
        "Success": true,
        "Results": [
                "Name": "Sample User",
                "Id": "20000426173054342350000000",
                "Office": "Sample Office Inc",
                "OfficeId": "20000627173054072660000000",
                "Company": "Sample Company Inc",
                "CompanyId": "20000627173054072670000000",
                "Mls": "Your Local MLS",
                "MlsId": "20000426143505724628000000",
                "Configuration": [
                        "FlexmlsProducts": ["DesktopIdx", "MobileIdx", "WordPressIdx"],
                        "PasswordReset": true,
                        "PasswordAlternativeUri": null,
                        "TimeZone":"Central Time (US & Canada)",
                        "TimeZoneAbbreviation": "CDT",
                        "IdxDisclaimer": "The data relating to ...",
                        "IdxDisclaimerTextOnly": "The data relating to ...",
                        "IdxLogo": "",
                        "IdxLogoSmall": "",
                        "MapDefaultExtent": {
                          "StartLongitude": -125.645160,
                          "StartLatitude": 21.525020,
                          "EndLongitude":  -65.984662,
                          "EndLatitude": 50.783808,
                          "SystemDefault": true
                        "MlsLogos": [
                                "Name:": "ABC MLS Logo",
                                "Uri": ""
                        "OAuth2ServiceEndpointPortal": "",
                        "CurrencyType": "USD",
                        "Locales": {
                           "Currency": "en_US"
                        "ExtendedActiveStatuses": {
                           "Enabled": true
                        "ExtendedPendingStatuses": {
                           "Enabled": false
                      "DisclaimerText":"Information is deemed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed.",
                      "DisclaimerTextOnly":"Information is deemed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed."
                "Reso": {
                  "DefaultDictionaryVersion": 0.8,
                  "CurrentDictionaryVersion": 0.8,
                  "SupportedDictionaryVersions": [0.8, 1.3]

System Info Description

Attribute Data Type Writeable Required Description
Id Character No No Id of the current user.
Name Character No No Name of the current user.
OfficeId Character No No Id of the office the current user is in.
Office Character No No Name of the office the current user is in.
CompanyId Character No No Id of the company the current user is in.
Company Character No No Name of the company the current user is in.
MlsId Character No No Id of the current MLS.
Mls Character No No Name of the current MLS.
Configuration Expansion
FlexmlsProducts Character List No No Privileged API Keys Only. A list of flexmls products the user has purchased. Values include: IdxLite, DesktopIdx, MobileIdx, WordPressIdx, and FloPlan.
IdxDisclaimer Character No No Text of the disclaimer that must appear on IDX sites for the current MLS. See also DisplayCompliance.DisclaimerText.
IdxDisclaimerTextOnly Character No No Disclaimer text stripped of all html tags that can appear on IDX applications which don't support html for the current MLS in place of the IDXDisclaimer attribute. See also DisplayCompliance.DisclaimerTextOnly.
IdxLogo Character No No The IDX logo of the MLS, to be displayed with each IDX listing from that MLS.
IdxLogoSmall Character No No A smaller version of the IDX logo. If not present, IdxLogo should be used.
MapDefaultExtent JSON Object No No The latitude and longitude values defined by the user, MLS, or system, that define the default map boundaries. The attributes that define these boundaries are StartLongitude, StartLatitude, EndLongitude, EndLatitude. If SystemDefault is true, no MLS default was found, and the values represent a system-determined default.
MlsLogos JSON Object No No An array of objects with names and URIs of the MLS's logos.
PasswordReset Boolean No No true if the current user belongs to an MLS that allows password resets through the API.
PasswordAlternativeUri Character No No If Configuration.PasswordReset is false this may be set to an alternative URI the user can be sent to in order to reset the password for their account.
Configuration.Idx JSON Object Privileged API Keys Only. IDX-specific rules and settings for the current MLS.
EnableMemberIdx Boolean No No true if the members of this MLS may have IDX links.
RequireMlsApproval Boolean No No true if the MLS must approve IDX purchases.
RequireBrokerApproval Boolean No No true if the Broker must approve IDX purchases.
RequireIdxReapproval JSON Object No No If Enabled, then IDX access must be pre-approved by the new broker when an agent is transfered within TransferPeriod days.
  "Enabled": true,
  "TransferPeriod": 30
DisplayCompliance JSON Object A mapping of MLS IDs to corresponding display compliance rules.
OAuth2ServiceEndpointPortal Character No This is the URI of where the Portal (consumer) user's browser should be redirected to start the OAuth process.
CurrencyType Character No This returns a code that corresponds to a currency symbol type. Some response values are, but are not limited to, USD for US Dollars, EUR for Euros, and PHP for Philippine pesos. A full list of possible currency codes can be found here.
ExtendedActiveStatuses Boolean No true if each possible value for MlsStatusInformation should be considered a sub-status of Active.
ExtendedPendingStatuses Boolean No true if each possible value for MlsStatusInformation should be considered a sub-status of Pending.
NewSearchOnPortalWithoutIdx Boolean No true if the MLS has allowed consumer to set up new searches on portals for agents who have not purchased IDX. Used in conjunction with the FbsIdxCustomer attribute in the accounts service.
Reso JSON Object RESO Dictionary information.
DefaultDictionaryVersion Decimal No The data dictionary version that will be used by default.
CurrentDictionaryVersion Decimal No The data dictionary specified by the RESO-Dictionary-Version header of the current request, if supported.
SupportedDictionaryVersions Decimal List No A list of all data dictionary version supported by Spark.